The Weaselopolis Juggernaut Tribune

A high school kid was looking through my sketchbook the other day, got to the last page of it, looked up at me and said, “man, there’s some pretty, uhm… weird stuff in there”, and I said, “yup, kinda scary isn’t it?”

I cannot sit and do art for eight solid hours, so I take occasional breaks during the day and play an online game called Ikariam. Ikariam is a Risk game on steroids. Based on ancient Greece, you build your own little civilization, pillage other peoples stuff, and work with others to keep from getting pillaged. I have met people from all over the world playing this game.

Over the course of this last year, Ikariam has inspired a lot of the artwork that I’ve posted on my blog. I’m in the process of taking that art and turning it into a daily paper for the folks I play the game with. I’m creating a mythology of my pretend city on…

The Weaselopolis Juggernaut Tribune.

…uhm, yep, kinda weird, right? Hey, I say the weirder the better! You might enjoy following along and seeing how I “repurpose” a bunch of last years blog art into this brand new… uhm… blog newspaper thing…

Creatives can find inspiration in some odd places.

8 Comments on “The Weaselopolis Juggernaut Tribune

    • …I’m thinking I will create another blog for the Weaselfoot Indian Nation which will be linked to the Weaselopolis Ikariam Blog that will be connected to this Dennis Jones Blog that will be connected to the Brother Jones Blog that will be connected to my Official Web Site that will be connected to…

      • My Lord! This is shaping up into a never ending series of Dennis Jones and The……

        Thanks, you’ve just wrecked my DJ bookmarks!

        Will simply clicking on the RSS subscribe button keep me in the loop? I still can’t get the RSS thing?

        I like emails when there is new posts….someone give me a tutorial on subscribing to all Dennis’ blogs via email?

        Love The Work,

    • …hey, you LOST or something? You’re not supposed to be over here in this alternative parallel universe. I can’t figure any of this out… Where’s Desmond?

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