Category: Fantasy

Guardian Of The Provisions

It was not exactly the exotic duty Purcival Fatback had hoped for when he signed his X to the recruiting papers, but it was better than life on the farm…

Rowing The Catacombs

Sir Oric DirtSweeper would have felt so much better about this whole situation if only his two companions had finished basic training and received their life guard certification certificates…

Infernal Revenue Service

There is nothing I hate to do more than get my tax returns together, but unfortunately I can’t put it off any longer. Time to send my hard earned treasure off to the Infernal Revenue Service…


…back from Texas, work deadlines looming, April 15 tax day looming, Indiana weather and coyotes looming… time to drop the hammer on a new week…

Buster’s Last Stand

Yesterday around two in the afternoon I walked into the woods behind our house to grab a hose I had left there and when I picked it up the sound apparently disturbed a pack of coyotes who were having some sort of secret club meeting. They… Continue Reading “Buster’s Last Stand”

Winged Archer

This looks like it could be trouble for that poor orc down the hill there… well, maybe not… perhaps they are both on the same team… they do both have pointy ears. Twin Sons Of Different Mothers? Weisberg and Fogelberg?

Sir Doggalott Barkswerthy

I’ve had a nagging cough/cold thing going on for the last two weeks now. This was another wet weekend in Indiana, so I stayed inside and made a picture. I’m not sure what it’s all about, but I do think it means I might… Continue Reading “Sir Doggalott Barkswerthy”

Rohan Pulling Guard

Grimwood of Rohan had studied all the Saruman game film and was ready for Super Bowl Sunday…

Frazetta Tribute

I was a freshman in college when I first discovered the artwork of Frank Frazetta. I immediately tried to imitate it (as if that could ever happen) and quickly discovered there would only be one Frazetta. The other day I decided to put my… Continue Reading “Frazetta Tribute”