Buster’s Last Stand

Yesterday around two in the afternoon I walked into the woods behind our house to grab a hose I had left there and when I picked it up the sound apparently disturbed a pack of coyotes who were having some sort of secret club meeting. They were no more that a few hundred feet from me and started howling, growling and making a general ruckus in my direction. I decided my best move was to show them the bottom of my feet as I ran like a madman back to the house waving a garden hose behind me. I guess I’m going to have to start packing heat when I wander into our back yard from now on… maybe a rocket launcher or some kind of small bazooka. Do they sell those at Walmart?

6 Comments on “Buster’s Last Stand

  1. No not at Walmart but a reliable source, LOONEY TUNES shows that they can be purchased through the ACME catalog.

    Oh wait, these are Coyotes your dealing with, they shop ACME too. Good luck with that.

  2. Lol! But not really! Geesh! that could have ended very badly….not sure the bottom of your feet was the best choice since they strive on fear.

    But, then what am I saying…I would have done the same.

    Maybe, net ime you should run at them? Rocketlauncher? Lol! Now your thinking like Ismail…David (Isaac) would have used a sling shot!

  3. Can we worry about poor Buster in his struggle against the “CentaRhinoIguanasaur” for a moment? If his shield does not double as a Parachute the poor boys got big troubles..

  4. Reminds me of how my son encountered a rock on a recent hiking trip that turned out to be a pretty big desert tortoise and sent him screaming back up the trail.

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