Art Show


There’s a pretty weird art show taking place in Fort Wayne, Indiana…


8 Comments on “Art Show

  1. Very COOL Dennis! How long will this be on exhibit? I am planing to make a trip to Fort Wayne in the next few weeks. Also looking forward to getting my CryptoZoic ’66 Batmobile today. : )

  2. Wonderful body of work. Children and Adults love your Bible illustrations. Congratulations on the amazing display of illustrations.

  3. Dennis:
    Great stuff!
    I’ve enjoyed your art for years.
    My 4 kids have too – all grown and now out on their own.
    So I’m now passing your stuff along to my 4 grandkids.
    We’ve all enjoyed the See With Me Bible, the Read With Me Bible, and tons of the smaller Bible story books.

    Please do yourself and your family and friends a favor, if you haven’t already: get on line and order some of Dennis’ stuff! As you probably already know, he tells God’s stories in a humorous way for kids of all ages (including “grampa”) to enjoy.

    Thanks, Dennis!
    May God continue to bless you, as you make HIs kingdom truths available and enjoyable to so many of us.

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