The Old See With Me Bible

In 2005, Zondervan and I created the See With Me Bible. The concept was to tell Bible stories with pictures only, no text, a wordless Bible… a concept that was perhaps a bit too abstract for the time. After a few years, the See With Me Bible was pulled back into the shop, given a tune up, full text and re-released as the Read With Me FOR TODDLERS.

I consistently get email from people who have worn that old See With Me Bible out and want a new copy of it, but sadly, the See With Me has gone the way of the buffalo. I did find a used copy on Amazon for quite a reasonable price…

…and I just want you all to know… if you are lookin’ to spend that kind of money, I just might be able to find a few copies in my closet that I could sell you for half that price! 🙂




  1. I used this wordless Bible last Summer to overcome a language barrier on a mission trip to Costa Rica when my son and I shared God’s Word with a bunch of middle school age boys! It was awesome what they understood through broken english and the Holy Spirit translating! Great tool, Dennis.

  2. Congratulations Dennis on creating a collector’s item! That BIble is how I first discovered your work, and have been following you since. Keep up the great work and ministry my friend.

  3. Still a favourite of mine, and very cheap when I got it; about half of what I expected to pay. I’m hoping you’ll tell us more about the journey of making it, but I guess you’re busy with new stuff!

  4. I bought my “See With Me Bible” a long time ago and absolutely love it. My husband and I are pastors and we use this Bible with our kids programs. I would love to have more Bible stories: Joseph, Deborah, Ruth, Peter, Paul, etc.

  5. I am a Dane living in Denmark (Europe) and I love my beat-up copy of “See With Me Bible”. Now I understand why I’ve had such a hard time finding a new copy. I will pray for a reprint before the duck-tape on my current copy wears out.

  6. Hi Dennis!
    We have a copy of your book in our church’s kids room and the kids love it! I do as well because it makes the story fresh as you narrate the pictures. It’s going on Amazon for $58! Any chance you have any for sale still or can convince Zondervan to re-release? I’d love a personal copy!

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