The Old See With Me Bible


In 2005, Zondervan and I created the See With Me Bible. The concept was to tell Bible stories with pictures only, no text, a wordless Bible… a concept that was perhaps a bit too abstract for the time. After a few years, the See With Me Bible was pulled back into the shop, given a tune up, full text and re-released as the Read With Me FOR TODDLERS. I consistently get email from people who have worn that yellow See With Me Bible out and want a new copy of it, but sadly, the See With Me has gone the way of the buffalo.

I did find a used copy on Amazon for quite a reasonable price…


…and I just want you all to know… if you are lookin’ to spend that kind of money, I just might be able to find a few copies in my closet that I could sell you for half that price! 🙂

13 Comments on “The Old See With Me Bible

  1. I used this wordless Bible last Summer to overcome a language barrier on a mission trip to Costa Rica when my son and I shared God’s Word with a bunch of middle school age boys! It was awesome what they understood through broken english and the Holy Spirit translating! Great tool, Dennis.

  2. Congratulations Dennis on creating a collector’s item! That BIble is how I first discovered your work, and have been following you since. Keep up the great work and ministry my friend.

  3. Still a favourite of mine, and very cheap when I got it; about half of what I expected to pay. I’m hoping you’ll tell us more about the journey of making it, but I guess you’re busy with new stuff!

  4. I bought my “See With Me Bible” a long time ago and absolutely love it. My husband and I are pastors and we use this Bible with our kids programs. I would love to have more Bible stories: Joseph, Deborah, Ruth, Peter, Paul, etc.

  5. I am a Dane living in Denmark (Europe) and I love my beat-up copy of “See With Me Bible”. Now I understand why I’ve had such a hard time finding a new copy. I will pray for a reprint before the duck-tape on my current copy wears out.

  6. Hi Dennis!
    We have a copy of your book in our church’s kids room and the kids love it! I do as well because it makes the story fresh as you narrate the pictures. It’s going on Amazon for $58! Any chance you have any for sale still or can convince Zondervan to re-release? I’d love a personal copy!

    • Sorry Abigail… wish I could help you, but sadly I cannot. The best thing you can do is send Zondervan a letter asking for MORE DENNIS JONES!! ha

  7. Hello Mr. Dennis Jones,
    We’ve had multiple copies of your OLD See With Me Bible. We 1st started using them with our Deaf ministry to Illiterate adults. The artwork was always so vivid that it told the bible story. We’ve since got copies of the Spanish Mira Conmigo la Biblia. They are even more rare than the English copies. We are now going to try the Toddler version with our little ones. Thank you for using your talents in the service of the Lord.

    Kind regards,

    Harold Antonio Molina

  8. Hello Dennis!
    I am such a big fan of your work!
    I am a pre-school teacher from South Africa and actually saw a copy of your book while I was on a trip to Uganda in 2016.
    I haven’t been able to find the ‘See with me’ Bible anywhere.
    Is there anyway I can buy a copy from you?

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