Artist Outreach Ministry


One of the reasons I like our church is because it has an ARTIST OUTREACH MINISTRY!!


Included in each weeks bulletin is a piece of artist sketch paper (labeled “notes” for some odd reason) and a complimentary drawing pen! Not every church would make this sort of effort to reach out to the artistic community, but ours does! …well …at least I THINK it’s an Artist Outreach Ministry.


3 Comments on “Artist Outreach Ministry

  1. Our Church does the same thing, Dennis! I’m not sure why, either. I’m the only one I know at our church who takes full advantage of this unique ministry. Sometimes I leave the art in the hymn book for someone in the next service to find it. Sometimes it makes its way back to my drawing board for more embellishment. Thanks so much for sharing your work on this site. It’s truly inspiring.

    • Hey Chuck, maybe you and I are just throwbacks to medieval times when monks illustrated the scripture…

  2. Hi Dennis,

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful art and stories on your blog. Your art is truly “random things not commonly found in real life.”

    It is really inspiring that your church supports art and the complimentary pen sketch and drawing pen in the Sunday bulletin are a bonus – it keeps art going. Such a simple gesture, but so thoughtful.

    I love your art and it is inspirational. I also admire your creativity using various media, such as the 2D drawings to 3D Digital art. Do you mostly use Photoshop?

    I dare to say I’m a digital artist myself and loved drawing ever since I was young, but I must admit, it is not to the extend you have shown in your blog. I learned to use Adobe and Architectural drafting software when doing a Building Design course, and found it amazing how I could create digital art using this software separately and combined.

    Some of my digital art came out accidently. I sometimes just draw lines and use some of the functions, tools of Photoshop to see what will happen, and the outcome is most of the time a surprise. My blog’s address is if you want to have a look.

    Your story behind each artwork makes the art an integrated experience with your life practices. I like the bug drawings too, and the “fellow that was the guest speaker at your church”. You have the ability to transform your life stories and experiences in an initial sketch and in something colourful.

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