An After Effects Experiment

I have a ton Adobe programs, but the only one I ever use is Photoshop (which is pretty ridiculous because these programs are awesome) but I don’t know how to run any of them. Over the last couple of weeks I have been trying to teach myself InDesign, Media Encoder and Premiere Pro. Tonight I was fiddling around with After Effects and came up with this little video. The program itself doesn’t seem to be very intuitive, but it will really do some neat tricks. All I was trying to do on this experimental video is see if I could insert some music into a clip… and I did it!

5 Comments on “An After Effects Experiment

  1. Cool effect, how the color just kinda “grew” into the drawing. Keep working that program!

  2. Love the music..and the art work is…..ok…i guess……..(total sarcasm)

  3. Hi Dennis! I’ve enjoyed your Sketchbooks so I look forward to your Premiere & After Effects work. I too have been learning AE & Premiere. Something that has helped me tremendously is Video Training. If you go to Amazon (Barnes & Noble too) and search for After Effects Tutorials, and then select an older version CS5 for example (I have CS6), they have a bunch of tutorials in their used section at greatly discounted prices. The last one I purchased was $10 in it’s original package (as opposed to $100 for CS6). It helps the learning curve quite a bit!

    Best of luck – keep up the great posts!

    • Hey, thanks for that good tip. Since I’m just trying to learn the basics, the older CS5 tutorials would work just fine!

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