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CryptoZoic Collectable Update

Today Rob from somewhere out in internet land told me he had just purchased the Cryptozoic Batmobile Collectable and asked if there was any place he could buy the artwork I did for it, so I loaded it up on my ImageKind Shop for him. Click HERE to… Continue Reading “CryptoZoic Collectable Update”

Holy Car Collectable, Batman!

Cryptozoic is currently headed into production with the 1966 classic TV Series Batmobile. Stephan Ehl did a truly amazing job with the sculpt for this. Here’s the box cover and packaging. Rumor has it we might be working on something else fun in the very near future!

1966 Batmobile Collectable Statue

This was a fun project I worked on a few months ago. The good folks at Cryptozoic saw a picture I did of my very first car (a 1970 Opel Kadette) and asked me to do the same sort of thing with the old 1966 Batmobile from… Continue Reading “1966 Batmobile Collectable Statue”