1966 Batmobile Collectable Statue


This was a fun project I worked on a few months ago. The good folks at Cryptozoic saw a picture I did of my very first car (a 1970 Opel Kadette) and asked me to do the same sort of thing with the old 1966 Batmobile from the Batman TV Series.


I worked up a sketch with some quick color on it, DC Comics approved the concept, I did pencil views from different angles and a sculptor digitally created my idea and really took it to a whole different level… look at those flames and smoke… WOW!


A prototype was built and shown at the latest New York Toy Fair and WonderCon and this should hit the market and be available later on this year.


8 Comments on “1966 Batmobile Collectable Statue

  1. As usual, fantastic, Dennis. It immediately reminded me of Big Daddy Roth’s Gasser models we could buy as kids. Thanks for blessing us with your talents, Mr. Jones.

  2. Dennis, your posts are so exhilarating! My artistic veins just pop when I see your work! Thanks for sharing….I feel privileged to be able to “C” your sneek-peeks!

  3. You have no idea how much I appreciate this….simple brilliant….and foreshadowing to what is to come! Excellent work my friend!

  4. Great collaboration, excellent results! One for the trophy room. Hopefully you’ll get a chance to do more stuff like that.

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