1. Alright Dennis! Great! I was hoping this was gonna make it to the shelves (or for sale online) when I first saw it on your blog last year. Went out and tried to find it then but there was nothing on the site.

    As for future offerings, keep us posted!

    1. Bernard, my part of a project usually takes place 6 months to over a year before the project actually creeps out and sees the light of day, much less goes into production. ha This Batmobile should be available at the end of this year. I’ll keep you posted!

    1. Gerry I haven’t posted in a while because I’m currently just trying to keep my head above water doing three comic books this year and I can’t post any of that work because it is all brand new concept work.

        1. Hey, nothing to apologize for Gerry. All summer, every day the thought crosses my mind that I need to put something new up on my blog, and I just keep thinking I’ll do that… maybe tomorrow. ha

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