The 2011-12 Hockey Season

Last year when my buddy Jeff asked me if I would play on his hockey team, I used my best Canadian accent and said, “yehsure, eh” and started digging around the garage looking for equipment I could use.

I found a rusted out CCM helmet that I think belonged to one of my kids because it was about three sizes too small for my fat head. It had no cage and the foam liner inside the helmet had dried up and turned rock hard. I scavenged a cage and other missing hardware, put it all together and this is the helmet I played in all last season. I’m sure opponents quaked in their hockey boots when they saw me show up at a faceoff circle sporting my custom wired helmet with the half inch bolts sticking out each side.

The 2011 hockey season cranks up for me in a couple of weeks and since I now seem to have a greater desire to survive than I did in 2010, I think I’m going to invest in a new helmet.

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