1. Outstanding! PTL! I think this is one of your best ever! (smile) Every time (almost) I see one of your pieces it reminds me of every time (almost) I eat one of my wife’s dinner meals: It’s the best one yet (almost) ! Lol ! Great job Dennis. Once again you are proving to show that besides the great drawing and coloring (used to be called painting) skills needed, the creative thought process (used to be called mind) is also an integral part of the overall design as well!

    I would frame this fer sure ay?

  2. I would like to know if I could purchase a copy of your old time Salvation Army Band?
    My family has been involved invthe Salvation Army for generations
    I would like to frame it and put it with my Salvation Army Carolers from Byers.

    Thank you

    1. Hi Cindy… I loaded this picture onto my ImageKind Online Shop for you…


      Don’t feel pressured to buy… it’s not a big deal one way or the other.

      I think ImageKind is a bit confusing, but I like it because you can buy things inexpensively as prints, on canvas, matted and framed, about anyway you want. (For the record, I’ll make $30.00 if you decide to buy one… the rest is all ImageKind)

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