Summer Grilling


Another snippet from the book I’ve been illustrating. I finished the art, sent everything in to the publisher and the book is due to be printed and available sometime this fall.

3 Comments on “Summer Grilling

  1. So, you would be a great artist for a humorous cook book – rather than the plain old photos of food, to have an illustration like this for grilling vegetables, etc. would be such fun. The men in our family are great cooks – fans of Martha Stewart, etc. – and I can just imagine a creative cookbook for them. Of course, the recipes would have to be great, first of all.
    Also, you are on my wish list. I have a new blog and someday when it’s all grown up, I hope you will be a guest blogger on it, maybe about caricatures (you could do mine-[I’m evil]); or about your creative process, from one of your sketchbooks; or about your Captain Energy and General Waste character illustrations. A girl can dream.

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