Wacom Intuos Creative Stylus 2


Over the years, I have purchased several types of styluses in a futile attempt to turn my Ipad into a fabulous, portable, mini Wacom Cintiq. I have finally come to the conclusion, (sadly)… that’s just never going to happen… but Wacom is making the Ipad a more viable artist tool with their new Intuos Creative Stylus 2.

It comes in a sharp carrying case with a usb charging cable. The main selling point for me was the thinner drawing point. (I never knew what was going on under those old fat styluses.)


ProCreate is my art app of choice, but it currently does not support this stylus, so I fired up an app that does (Sketchbook Pro) and created this picture.

At this point in time, drawing and painting on an Ipad is just going to be a limited proposition, but in my humble opinion, at least Wacom’s new stylus gives you a fighting chance at it.


6 Comments on “Wacom Intuos Creative Stylus 2

  1. Hi Dennis. Love your style. It would be awesome if you did a video on you drawing process. How you come up with your characters, showing you drawing your characters, and a step by step process on coloring your character. Sounds time consuming, but I bet a lot of your fans (like me) would gladly pay for that.

  2. Dennis, been drooling and dreaming of buying a “Cintiq” ever since I used to see you use one a few years ago now…I kinda fell out of touch with your blog since I quit checking my old email account but now see what an amazing job you can do on an iPad! Wow!

    Anywayz…was recently reading about the Cintq Companion Hybrid but if I could get results like this on an iPad (barring your skill set of course) I think I should start there ($) ?

    Any Reply Is appreciated,

    • …ok, well, first of all, there is NO COMPARISON between a Cintiq and an iPad… I am always frustrated after trying to create art on an iPad… that being said, an iPad is a sixth of the price of a Cintiq Companion… if I had the money I would absolutely go for a Companion… if money is an issue, it is possible to accomplish some things artistically with an iPad. Always good to hear from you, Bernard. Merry Christmas!

      • Thanks for your reply Dennis….I know your crunched for time as am I and it’s appreciated.

        I’ve been drawing and painting my way to daylight now for over 35 years and if there is anything I should have learned by now it’s that you don’t skimp on tools for your trade.

        I’m researching the companion pretty hard now…I want the Big Boy (Cintiq) but just don’t know if I have the room, money or schedule to anchor down and get that one. Besides a $1000 less is a strong case for the companion.

        That, and my main computer is a MacBook Pro Laptop so I’m thinking, why not keep it mobile friendly since I do travel allot. May even double up the shopping cart and get a high speed Mac mini?

        Anywayz, I’m still going to be working my sketches out on paper and hauling them into the puter to paint so I’m not too concerned with all the crazy kool tools and buttons at my age but for a guy that has never even used a digital pen or tablet of any kind, I outta be pretty satisfied?


        Also, my wife and I are probably going to be buying some of your Bible books and maybe that mobile app the Jones Bros. are developing for our grands… so Marry Christmas to you and yours!

        God Bless,

        • …well, I would love to have a Wacom Companion… I just can’t justify spending that much money on something I would only use occasionally while sitting in front of a football game on tv trying to entertain myself during the commercials. ha

          Don’t forget, you have to have software to make pictures with one. I use Photoshop. That’s another expense to factor into the equation!

          • Dennis, my intentions for buying the companion is to simply plug it into my Mac and use it the same way as your Cintiq…of course it is not as big but they are actually going for just over a $1,000 right now and that I’m hoping is worth the sacrifice in size.

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