Digital Painting Class This Fall


I was recently asked to teach a digital painting class this fall at Huntington University. I have agreed to do this and I’m looking forward to sharing what I know on the subject. Being able to take the idea in your head, put it down on paper and then translate it into full color digital art (in some kind of orderly process) is our goal.


Photoshop will be our digital painting program of choice and our first task will be to tame that beast and make it work for us… not a problem. One of the really exciting parts of this classroom experience will be that each student will have a shiny new Wacom Cintiq to work on. It just doesn’t get any better than that. Class starts the end of August… this should be fun for all of us!


12 Comments on “Digital Painting Class This Fall

  1. Will this be a once a week class, a night class, an online class? I went to the Huntington College link and didn’t find anything. I would love to be a part of this. Can you give more specific information?

    • Hi Russ. The class is DM150 (section 02) and it will be meeting on campus two nights a week (Tuesdays and Thursdays starting at 6:00) for a full semester… for two credit hours, I believe. I can’t give you a lot of information (other than I will be standing in front of the class in August) as this has all come about very recently.

  2. Awesome.Rocket Racoon!!! Also Groot would be interesting to see in your style.. Thanks. God Bless in Jesus,an Israel,our bro,sisters,troops,meet the needs,amen. Shalom. PTL. Ps 62:8

  3. Hi Dennis; any chance you’ll be recording the class for those poor souls, like me; whom are just living too far away to attend the class? I’d be very interested in afterwards, buying the DVD of the class; to learn from. I love your style…..and would truly love to study under your tutor-age; unfortunately I live in Buffalo, NY; so attending the class in person isn’t an option…shrugs.

    *Any chance you’ll ever offer tutorial courses on DVD? Any chance you’ll ever do any tutorial recordings on UTube?


    • Hi John… I’ll tell ya what… I’ll keep really good notes on what I do in class each session and when the class is over perhaps a Dennis Jones Digital Painting Tutorial Video DVD Dealie will magically appear on the internet… who knows…

      • Thank, thank you, thank you, Dennis….”Grins, like a Cheshire Cat”. (I like magic…I do…I do…I do).


  4. Wow a new WACOM Cintiq for each student. How exciting! How did they get so lucky? Does WACOM have a partnership with the University?

    • Hi Beasly. There is no Wacom partnership that I know of… The university is just making a serious commitment/investment into their digital arts program.

  5. The digital class sounds awesome! I have the Photoshop suite Cs5, I love photoshop but really need some classes. However, I live in MA. I wouldn’t be be to go but I was hoping you would be selling DVD’s or doing an Online course! I love your work and think it would be great if at some point you could offer instruction for students scattered across US! : >

  6. Dennis, here is one more vote for some online classes! Was it the 13 in Cintiq that was used in the class.

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