1. Hi, man!
    Big fan here!
    And a follower of Jesus too.
    I’m from Argentina and I’m an illustrator too.
    I love your work since Don’t Check Your Brains at the Door, when a was 15.
    Well, check my sites if you want.
    Best wishes and a better 2014 for you.
    God bless you.

      1. Oh, man! Thanks for answer so fast!
        Well, yes these really good kind of christian art were not very often years ago (neither now!!!). You are a very inspiring artist!
        I bought your See with Me Bible, and I love it, !
        And that final caricature of yours it’s awesome.
        Also I usually check your Youtube channel, and I recomend it to my colleagues and it blows our minds! haha
        Well, it helps me to understand some techniques for digital painting.
        Well, I’m sorry for my bad english. My sister is an english teacher, but I went to an english institute years ago. I know I still need to practice more.
        Well, be blessed in your life, Dennis.

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