Mike And Mike In The Morning

Mike And Mike is a sports radio show that I listen to on most mornings. Mike Golic is a former NFL lineman, so he’s a pretty big guy. His partner Mike Greenberg is NOT a former NFL lineman so he’s a smaller sort of guy. Together they combine to do a really entertaining talk show.

I do a lot of Biblical artwork. Since I have no idea what these Biblical people actually looked like, my job is to come up with plausible looking characters to represent them. I recently worked on a series of pictures about Jacob (an indoor, hang around the house sorta guy) and his brother Esau (a big, hairy outdoor kinda guy). As I was trying to figure out what these two should look like, Mike and Mike was playing on the radio in the background. Then it hit me, Jacob and Esau would probably look a lot like Mike Golic And Mike Greenberg. So this is my Mike And Mike inspired Jacob and Esau picture.

7 Comments on “Mike And Mike In The Morning

  1. Thanks Dennis, for Esau And Jacob: it’s a sacred job for kids and also us to understand more The Bible. go On And God Keeps The bless ON You. The best ON earth And heaven for You!

  2. I listen to Mike and Mike too and you’re absolutely spot on, using them as archetypes for Jacob and Esau. Well done as always!

  3. Nice job Dennis. Great work again! I originally posted on Brother Jones website this eve. I’m not too computer literate as it may show. I do most of my artwork on windows and walls. You may be able to locate my work on Facebook: Cover Custom Sign.

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