Sea Monkeys

When I was a kid I loved comic books and those old comic books had some pretty interesting ads in them. You could buy a 7 foot long Polaris submarine that fired rockets and torpedoes for only $6.98, real x-ray vision glasses for $1.98, a darling pet monkey for $18.95 and all sorts of other valuable items… but the thing that fascinated me most were the Sea Monkeys.

For only $1.25 you could enter the wonderful world of Amazing Live SEA MONKEYS!! As the ad in the comic book said, Own A Bowlful Of Happiness – Instant Pets!! The picture showed a happy family of some sort of pink sea people. According to the ad, Sea Monkeys were always clowning around, doing stunts and playing games with each other, AND, because they were so full of tricks, you would never tire of watching them, AND (as if all that were not enough), they would even show you how to teach them to obey your commands like a pack of friendly trained seals!!

I was crushed to later find out that Sea Monkeys were actually microscopic brine shrimp that usually died in about a week. When I designed this character for the board game I’m working on, I pretty much built a prototype of what I think a good solid Sea Monkey aught to look like.

2 Comments on “Sea Monkeys

  1. I remember those adds! My dad told me the whole brine shrimp story [although he never told me how he knew it] so I was spared the saddness of their deaths. Your “Sea-Monkey” looks very happy and healthy!

  2. Thats the way I remember them. Step 1 condition water, step 2 add salt and nutrients, step 3 add SEA MONKEY INTANT HATCH EGGS. Note… hot water does not promote good hatching.

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