A Day In The Life

A job came in on Friday, I opened it on Monday and it was 50 spot illustrations due in one week. Fifty of anything takes forever, so I got busy, and then the phone rang. It’s the music leader at my church. The bass player that was supposed to play this Sunday is out because of an emergency, can I fill in for him this Sunday? I said sure…

Now I have 50 spot illustrations AND five new songs to learn before Sunday. I download the church songs and try to drag them into iTunes, but I accidentally drag them into Photoshop instead. I figure Photoshop will not open mp3’s but much to my surprise the mp3’s open and I see something I have never seen in Photoshop before… some sort of a video editing interface.

I know I have 50 illustrations due in a week and 5 songs to learn by Sunday, but I drop everything, grab a stop motion puppet I’ve been working on, shoot some really bad footage with my iPhone and start playing with the Photoshop video editor because having the ability to edit video in a program that I actually know how to work is pretty darn awesome.

I don’t know if I will be able to make the 50 spot illustration deadline or if  I will torpedo the band on Sunday because I don’t know how to play the songs, but at least I figured out how to make videos in Photoshop this week!

8 Comments on “A Day In The Life

  1. So I am not the only one who gets distracted like that. How can we resist learning something new, something creative and possibly useful later on? And how can we say no to serving the Lord when something crops up like that? Still I would be chewing on quick eze if I didn’t get on with those deadlines soon LOL

  2. Its about time Buzz gets some airtime.. Love the A.D.D. thing you have going on.

    • …look a little closer, Jeff, this is not Buzz!! He’s new and needs to be named. I believe that’s your department…

  3. Hey.. it’s only bass. Who’s gonna notice if you miss a few chords? hahaha… KIDDING, just KIDDING for all you bassists out there!.. but seriously, I bet you could pull that off..

    Good luck with the much harder task of pulling off those 50 illustrations!

    • … now what is that thing called that bass players keep their basses in when they’re not playing them… oh yeah, a pawn shop…

  4. Sounds like you’ve procrastination! Love your puppet and especially his jet pack! Great design and consturction. Can’t wait to see the stop motion animation!

  5. Love the Sock Monkey! Wow… I’m so impressed! Have you ever used a plastic armature for animation? Does it work at all or is it too flimsy to hold long enough to take a picture?

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