Katniss Everdeen

OK, OK, this is not Katniss Everdeen… but it is a cat and I did read the Hunger Games books just to see what all the whooplah was about. Turns out they are a pretty good read and I’ve discovered my comprehension level of juvenile fiction is off the charts.

6 Comments on “Katniss Everdeen

  1. Now thats jusy about the cat I want. I saw one with eye colors that did not match super cool but he was already adopted.

  2. Love that “droplet effect” in the backgound, Looks like real water color.

  3. May be an OOT: Love the main character in that book. She act as a queen but refuses be treated like one. ^_^ I’d like to have girl like her personality in my court more than anyone else.

  4. What a fabulous picture! This is a frazzled cat for sure.I am a huge cat lover and I love your work .They make me smile and.laugh and that is what art is all about, the emotions that it brings to light.Thank you for making me feel happy and keep In painting!

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