My 2011 SketchBook

Happy New Year Everyone! Here is my sketchbook from the past year.

8 Comments on “My 2011 SketchBook

  1. Now this is the way to start off the new year (for us aspiring guys) ! Thx Dennis!

  2. Dennis! What a treat! You, sir, have no idea how much all your cowboys mean to me! Wow! Thank you so much for 2011… :’) and remember.. “You are my biggest fan!” Whoooohooo! So looking forward, my friend…

  3. Agree with all comments, Happy New Year,God Bless in YESHUA to ALL .Amen. Shalom

  4. Woo WOO!! Excellence in illustration… and the music… THUMBS UP! Keep up the great work my brotha….

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