1. Hola querido Dennis: soy una gran admiradora tuya…Dios te ha dado un talento hermoso y he podido usar tus dibujos en muchas de mis clases…Dios te bendiga…quisiera poder adquirir mas libros de los que has sacado…sabes aqui en Bogotá – Colombia como puedo hacer???

  2. Here is your translation..

    Hello Dennis: I am a great admirer (of) yours… God has given (you) a beautiful talent . I have been able to use your drawings in many of my classes… God blesses… (I) would want to be able to acquire, but books from you have (Been)removed (I guess they are banned as religious texts)… you know (since I live) in Bogota – Colombia (How) I can do (this)?

  3. As God’s faithful servant Dennis came down from the mountain with his tablet in hand, drawing with the talent his heavenly Father has given to him in order to lead others in there walk with the Lord…who yew what he would find when Dennis got back to camp.
    Luckly, unlike Moses before him, Dennis hung on to his tablet and didn’t throw it.
    Hey Den, nice to see you’re still alive and well. I really love this yew site, really organized, and your Artwork just keeps get better and better.
    God Bless

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