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My Somewhat Unconventional Pencilling Process

Over the course of the last several years, I have worked with a lot of high quality art materials; expensive watercolor papers, high end illustration boards, hot and cold press bristols, you name it, I’ve worked on it… so it was a bit of a shock when I looked down and realized I now work on cheap card stock from Walmart and copy paper from Staples. How in the world did that happen? Here is my somewhat bizarre pencilling process…

I really like the feel of Georgia-Pacific Card Stock to do my loose pencil work on, but it only comes in an 8.5X11 size. That is a bit small and I usually run out of room.

On this picture, I ran out of room on the right side of the page, so I just taped a little more paper onto that side. Then I needed more space at the top, so I taped a little more up there, too.

Very professional, eh? It is now time to do a clean pencil to work from. For this I like the feel of Staples Laser Copier paper.

Of course, it is too small also, so I tape a couple of those together and use a light table to redraw a tighter version of my loose sketch.

I scan that tighter pencil sketch into my computer, fire up Photoshop and I’m off to the races with the color work.