film debut

It Is Finished… For Now…

Painting Magnus was a truly horrible experience… for both of us I’m sure. It finally came down to a “this is good enough because I’m not going to do this this any longer” sort of conclusion.

As you can see, the paint is very glossy under light and is still quite sticky to the touch. This would not work very well on a lit stage, plus after a few days Magnus would look like one of those old time, hanging fly strips with all sorts of junk stuck all over him.

To remedy this I put corn starch in a bowl and give Magnus a good coating of it. The corn stach adheres to the sticky paint and gives Magnus a matt finish for the camera. He is also no longer sticky.

Magnus is now ready for his big screen, stop-motion film debut. All I have to do now is learn a new software program and write him a story.