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Painting Yoda

Today I will finish my Yoda sketch from yesterday. I scanned the pencil drawing, opened it in Photoshop, tossed an interesting green background underneath and started painting on top of it. My goal was not to do a highly finished piece, just something loose and quick… and… Continue Reading “Painting Yoda”


It rained most of Saturday, so I stayed inside and did a quick picture. I recorded it so you could see my work process. For the Photoshop painters out there, you might find it interesting how I have my workspace organized. I never liked the… Continue Reading “Mechanik”

PhotoShop Digital Painting Tutorial 37

Paint the things in back first and the stuff up front last.

A Tutorial For Jeff

My buddy Jeff just got a Wacom Tablet and asked me for a few pointers on digital painting. Jeff was my youngest sons hockey coach when we lived in Texas, and fearing a vicious cross check from him if I didn’t comply, here is… Continue Reading “A Tutorial For Jeff”