Cataract Surgery


I just had cataract surgery on both eyes, so to give them a trial run I whipped up a creepy little leprechaun in honor of this weekends Notre Dame – Ball State football game. I live about an hour away from both schools, so I’ll be keeping an eye on this game… maybe two.

7 Comments on “Cataract Surgery

    • The surgery seemed to go pretty well for me, Gary. I quit playing hockey because I couldn’t see well enough to back check opponents into the boards anymore… JUST KIDDING… well, sorta kidding. I went with the simple LONG VISION option so I could see to ride bikes and do basic stuff outside minus glasses.

  1. It’s a scary thing having anything done on your eyes but especially when your work and (I’m assuming) passion depends on good eyesight. I had a cataract in my left eye following shingles (a side effect of using steroid drops for the cornea damage) and it was very worrying. Everyone tells you it’s a simple routine but hey! It’s not their eyes being messed with!

    So I’m glad to see everything went well with your operations!

  2. looks like (no pun intended) that all went well! You’re art is inspirational. I have a quick question. When do the large wall graphics. Were you asked to do them as vector graphics in order to enlarge with no degradation? If so, would you tell me how, software, conversion software etc.

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