I’ve been riding my bike a lot this summer and using an app that I really like called STRAVA. It keeps track of your mileage, the routes you ride, satellite maps, your other biker friends, all kinds of stuff. STRAVA keeps everything recorded for you on your own little blog, and, oh yeh… IT’S FREE! Being the hard-core cyclist that I am, I’m always looking for a reason to stop peddling and get off that bike seat, so I tend to take a lot of pictures on my rides and post them on my STRAVA page…. so if you’re curious about what my part of the world looks like, here you go…

3 Comments on “Strava

  1. Were those taken recently? I have green grass envy right now – ours in the UK is all parched and dead!
    Looks like you and your bike have lovely adventures together. 😀

    • Yep… all taken within the last couple of months. We are in the middle of summer and just had a lot of rain, so things are pretty green right now.

  2. Very nice area Dennis. We don’t have a biking area up here where I live on a farm in northern Alberta but one of my favourite things to do is watch the Tour de France on TV. Have you done any biking drawings? I would love to see them if you have.

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