A New Book In The Works


I’m currently illustrating a new book. The publisher has graciously agreed to allow me to share a few snippets of it, so here’s a small glimpse. The book is scheduled for release in the fall and once we are past the confidentiality stage of this process, I will be able to disclose more information about it.


4 Comments on “A New Book In The Works

    • Alan, we hit a bit of an Apple roadblock on that one. It was going to be the next storybook app we did, but (among other things) Apple operating systems keep updating so fast it’s hard to keep up (that is one reason I was experimenting with the Kindle process) If things ever slow down for me, I will reformat that one so that it will work on the Kindle app.

  1. I love your work . Your sense of humor comes through in your drawings as much as your fantastic ability to draw. I will buy anything that YOU have created, and especially books describing the characters in the Bible ect. What a great gift you have been given, keep up the good work ( :

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