1. Kevin that is a 0.9 Twist-Erase mechanical pencil by Pentel. It has an eraser that is big enough to actually be useful. The blue lead is something you can find different places if you look hard enough. (I’m not being evasive, I just can’t remember where I got it) It breaks easily though, so anything smaller than the 0.9 size pencil wont work. This is a great mechanical pencil to travel with.

      1. Thanks! I thought that was what you were using. I love to draw with colored pencil leads but you are right they break really easy. I usually end up with a bunch of little blue bits rolling around on my page. I’m a longtime fan ever since I saw your drawings in my Sunday school books made by Lifeway or back then I think it was called the Baptist Sunday School Board or something like that. Anyway thanks for sharing your posts.

  1. Great work. Yoda’s definitely my favorite character from SW. I think I’m gonna have to look into these BLUE Leads. I see Amazon has some. Might see if my local art supply store has them as well. Thanks for the info!

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