Slightly Steampunked


I am the proud owner of an old wooden chair that belonged to my Grandma and Grandpa Grantham. It came from the corner of their old smoke house where it sat dilapidated, covered in dirt, boxes and mud-dobber nests. I, of course, loved it the moment I saw it. It’s seat cover was a ratty, red leather looking canvas material.


A few years ago, I  ripped off that old red seat cover and refurbished the chair but I kept the seat cover hoping someday to find a use for it. Well, this weekend I found a use for it. It became the new covering for the pick guard and tuning head on this guitar I made.


6 Comments on “Slightly Steampunked

    • If you take the guitar by the neck and bang the body of it on the floor a few times, that gauge dial will kinda spin!

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