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An Unsolicited Guitar Pick Tip

I suspect there are very few people in the world who look to me for guitar tips, but here’s something I came up with the other day that is sort of art related. Because of my drawing process, I blow through a lot of kneaded erasers in a year.… Continue Reading “An Unsolicited Guitar Pick Tip”

Slightly Steampunked

I am the proud owner of an old wooden chair that belonged to my Grandma and Grandpa Grantham. It came from the corner of their old smoke house where it sat dilapidated, covered in dirt, boxes and mud-dobber nests. I, of course, loved it… Continue Reading “Slightly Steampunked”

Guitar Center

I’ve had this guitar torn apart, stripped down, cobbled up and sitting in my studio for at least two years now. One way or another, I’m finishing it this weekend.