An Unsolicited Guitar Pick Tip

I suspect there are very few people in the world who look to me for guitar tips, but here’s something I came up with the other day that is sort of art related.

Because of my drawing process, I blow through a lot of kneaded erasers in a year. The reason being once they become overly saturated with material, they get sticky and don’t function very well as erasers anymore… but what do you do with a kneaded eraser when it won’t erase anymore? Throw it away? Not me, I save them… why? …because, you just never know when you might need a useless, worn out kneaded eraser to MacGyver something up with.

A few weeks ago, I was playing a fairly aggressive acoustic guitar riff on a stage that has big tv monitors and those things radiate serious heat. As the temperature on stage rose during practice, I had more and more trouble holding onto my guitar pick. When I got home that night I started experimenting with solutions to this problem. I tried drilling a hole in a pick so my fingers could sink into it and hold tight, but that destroyed the integrity of the pick and it quickly broke in two. With an exacto knife I scratched up the surface of a pick, but that didn’t seem to make much of a difference. I just needed something tacky on that pick that I could hold on to… hey, wait a minute… what about A KNEADED ERASER. I put a thin layer of worn out kneaded eraser on the pick and it worked like and charm! Give it a try if you struggle with the same issue.



Slightly Steampunked

I am the proud owner of an old wooden chair that belonged to my Grandma and Grandpa Grantham. It came from the corner of their old smoke house where it sat dilapidated, covered in dirt, boxes and mud-dobber nests. I, of course, loved it the moment I saw it. It’s seat cover was a ratty, red leather looking canvas material. A few years ago, I  ripped off that old red seat cover and refurbished the chair… but I kept the seat cover hoping someday to find a use for it. Well, this weekend I found a use for it… it became the new covering for the pick guard and tuning head on this guitar.

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