Stop Motion Project

In an effort to try and learn something new, I enrolled in a stop motion class at the local university. Here are my initial steps into this foreign terrain. First I need an idea, (which I don’t have) so I fall back to my standard fallback plan… VIKINGS! Using aluminum wire and masking tape I build an armature over the top of my pencil drawing.

I attach the wire armature to the wood base with a couple of nuts and bolts.

I want the top of my viking to be pretty beefy and if I build all that bulk up with clay this thing will no doubt weigh 600 pounds when I’m done, so I pump up the volume on my armature with aluminum foil.

Now for the fun part! I start roughing in the form with clay. This is where I am at so far. I’ll post more as this process happens.

6 Comments on “Stop Motion Project

    • …yes Dan, this is a Minnesota Viking… and I’m going to build a Kansas City Chief next and recreate Superbowl Four…

  1. Following your -Wiking’ expressions!

    Just realized ‘Vikings’ was the mascot for my junior high school in Denver, John Dewey Jr. High! ‘Blue and Gold’. (anyway)

    You must be in clay heaven with this project and learning experience. Did you post something about working on the his mouth movement? If so, I’m curious about how you are doing with that.

    I’m sorry what is your charmer’s name?

    Suz :’)

    • …this knuckle dragger’s name is Magnus StormWeasel. I haven’t gotten to the “make the mouth move” part of this project yet. First I have to make a mold to cast the puppet, then the armature with a mouth rig. I’ll take pictures of the process and post them, but this little project is probably going to last a month or two.

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