Goofy Joke Pictures

My favorite kind of  job is drawing a goofy picture for a goofy children’s joke. What did the rooster say when he got into the very hot shower?


4 Comments on “Goofy Joke Pictures

  1. I am leaving you a comment like you asked…I love your artwork and look at your site often for inspiration! your art makes me smile and sometimes usually laugh out loud…I emailed you once, you did not respond but thats ok I keep coming back! love your recent posts! 🙂

    • …yikes! Sorry Deb. Email is not always the surest way to get a message to me. A bunch of stuff will come in and I will flag what I need to respond to, then immediately respond to all the work related stuff, and the next thing I know it’s been three months and I still haven’t responded to the stuff in that “other” pile yet.

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