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Mystery Solved

I’m currently illustrating a Bible story found in First Kings 17 and 18. After doing extensive research into the subject I have determined that the ravens in the story were probably feeding Elijah scraps of Old Trapper Beef Jerky… …but don’t quote me on… Continue Reading “Mystery Solved”

Dennis Jones Custom Wallpaper

Several different companies have used my artwork to create custom vinyl wall coverings. The one thing they all seemed to have in common? By the time the artwork was purchased, the printer printed it and the installers installed it, the final product seemed to end up being rather expensive. Over the years, many churches… Continue Reading “Dennis Jones Custom Wallpaper”

The Hidden Treasure

Hey, there’s a new Big-Talkin’ Brother Jones Bible Story called The Hidden Treasure and it’s now available in the iTunes Store! For those of you that may not know, I am one of three brothers and we have worked together on projects all of our lives. Before… Continue Reading “The Hidden Treasure”

TROUBLE! On The Road

There’s a new BROTHERJONESBIGTALKIN’ Bible Story Book available in iTunes!! You can take a look at it HERE.

A New Bible Story

I’m working on a new Bible story. Sadly there are no exciting car chases or explosions in it, but the guy does get to drive around on a pretty snappy, late model donkey…