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Arya Stark

Little girl… big attitude…

Jon Snow

I sketched this up as I sat on a plane in San Juan waiting for takeoff. I added a little color to it this morning as I sat waiting to start work. And why was I sitting, waiting to start work you ask? It’s… Continue Reading “Jon Snow”


Another quick one, but I at least tried to suggest an environment this time…


You can always tell if I’ve kicked out a quick picture because they all have this same splattered background on them…

One Angry Dwarf

…another early morning speed paint.

Joffrey’s Hound

Nothing much going on so I knocked out an hour and a half speed sketch…


“Hoooodor,” said Hodor, swaying. Hooooooodor, hoooooodor, hoDOR, hoDOR, hoDOR.” Sometimes he liked to do this, just say his name different ways, over and over and over and over. Other times, he would stay so quiet you forgot he was there. There was never any knowing… Continue Reading “HODOR”