Headed To The show

No, this is not a self portrait… but I did have a white belt just like that in high school… and a mustard colored leisure suit now that I think about it… and some blue and yellow suede platform shoes… and several very stylish long collar shirts with puffy sleeves…

…maybe this is a self portrait and I just didn’t know it.

3 Comments on “Headed To The show

  1. I love it – you are a cultural icon. This illustration brought back memories of how cool we really were once upon a time.

  2. Hey Dennis, another great piece as your art has inspired me for years now. I’m learning to put background around my characters. I have a question if could answer for me. Form your sketchbooks that you either scan or photograph into Photoshop what is the image size you use at 300dpi to digitally work in?
    Thank you and have a blessed day.

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