Getting Ready For Easter


The folks at Living Stones Church are getting their new building ready for Easter Sunday, and the Nursery, Toddler and Preschool rooms will all have a bit of my artwork in them.

I traveled up to Crown Point, Indiana to meet them and they told me they wanted the pictures for these particular rooms to follow the creation story. I took some photos, took some wall measurements and headed back home. I fired up Photoshop, created files with the proper room dimensions, added a 5.5 and 6 foot guy for scale, scratched out some roughs, sent them in for approval and then proceeded to create the finished artwork.


I’m pretty excited to go back some Sunday and see these three classrooms full of kids!

16 Comments on “Getting Ready For Easter

  1. Hi Dennis, Great work again! I have a few questions…When working that large, what size resolution are you working with ? Is that printed on vinyl ? Many of my artist friends say working that large has to be done in illustrator.I have worked almost your size with strictly photoshop too, and have had good results.


    • Hi Dan. I just use a very simple conversion to create the Photoshop file sizes. This room was 28X9 FEET… so I simply made my file size 28X9 INCHES… at 300 dpi. Is this printed on vinyl? Your guess is as good as mine. When I do a project like this all I do is create the artwork. It’s up to someone else get it onto the wall. Fortunately for this particular church, they have a great church member who has the ability to do both the printing and the installation!

  2. That’s gorgeous!!
    What kind of immense resolution do you have to work at to have it come out so beautifully clear?!

  3. Outstanding ! This job/project reminds me of how I came up as a sign painter and muralist. God Bless the digital world I guess because we used to have to lay these out and hand paint all these right on the wall ( they were fun and gratifying too ) with only a thumbnail approval form the customer. Great Job D, thanks for sharing.

    • Bernard, being able to take sticks n hair and paint ANYTHING onto an actual wall is an ability I DO NOT have. The ONLY time I did give that a go was at boys juvenile detention center in Casablanca, Morocco… but that was a lifetime ago…

  4. Wow! That looks fantastic! Fun to see it printed out at such a large scale! Way to use those talents you’ve been blessed with! I’m sure the kids and teachers will love it.

  5. The murals are … Exceedingly Abundantly! Amazing job, Dennis! It is exactly what I had in my heart …and so much more! Can’t wait for you to visit and see them in person!!! Blessings!!!

  6. I can’t stop admiring how ‘simple’ but beautiful this piece is! Who decided to change the text in the placard from what you had in your thumbnail design? Can I ask what font that is in the final piece? — it’s so nicely readable!

    And I like how you changed the position of the Sun’s right hand — it breaks up the ‘symmetry’ with the moon and makes their poses a little ‘jazzier’!

    • Since this is the nursery I wanted to keep things clean, simple and less chaotic than the other two preschooler walls. (changing the placard) My original thought was to tag these rooms as to what they were (nursery, toddler, ect.) but we didn’t do that because it’s quite possible the church could grow out of these rooms quickly and need to repurpose them… so my next idea was to tie these pictures directly to the scripture they represent. (font) BURBANK… maybe my favorite font ever.

      • Thanks for divulging your trade secrets! :o) I’ve been looking for ‘BURBANK’ font, so far in vain. Any idea where I could find it to download?

  7. Those are fantastic. I love your art work. Without a doubt, I know those kids will as well.

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