Release The Hurt


Last Sunday the pastor’s sermon was entitled “RELEASE THE HURT” so I immediately started my sermon notes with a pixie and a viking getting ready to “release the hurt” on somebody. Much to my surprise, the sermon went in a totally different direction than I had envisioned.


The pixie painting (and video) was done on my iPad using ProCreate.

4 Comments on “Release The Hurt

  1. Dennis, Great stuff as usual. I have a question? When working in photoshop when you do the large wall decals, do you work in CMYK or RGB? If so what resolution?

    • Hi Dan… I always do my Photoshop work in RGB mode. That gives me the widest spectrum of color to work from. If the printers need it in CMYK mode, it’s an easy click of a button to change, and while there will be some change in color, I don’t notice it to be much of a problem in my work. When I do the large wall decals I work at 72 dpi just to keep the Photoshop files smaller and more manageable…

  2. Seems like I saw someone on the ice in the last game that looked a little like that.

    • …well I hope you “released the hurt” on him, Jeff. Matt says you guys are having a pretty good season!

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