The Death Valley Dealer


Frank Frazetta created a legendary image several years ago called The Death Dealer. As I was designing new board game images, I drew this picture in homage to that iconic piece of artwork… and in homage to my L.S.U. loving daughter-in-law, I named this fellow The Death VALLEY Dealer. He sits atop his intimidating warrior battle hog, ready for action. I fear this image will not sit well with my Arkansas Razorback loving kinfolk…

5 Comments on “The Death Valley Dealer

  1. Game board images Great!, I like the Death Valley Dealer! Good work!!!

  2. Uhhh, yeah…as a Razorback fan, we’d like to see this in reverse or with tiger-as-a-minion…and an elephant fleeing…and a Gator running for its swamp…and an Aggie (what’s THAT even look like?)…you get the idea 🙂 Oh well. Big fan of your work nonetheless!

    • I knew taking any kind of a step into SEC-land would be a perilous venture. My daughter-in-law is an LSU alum and she knows where I live. I would not want to end up as tiger bait…

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