Flying The Coop

This is for my friends on YouTube who continue to send me kind letters asking what my work process is.

This picture started out as a doodle in my sketchbook. I scanned it into Photoshop, (CS6), made it a multiply layer and began blocking in color on a normal layer underneath. When I get the mid and darker values established, I create a normal layer above the line art and put in the lighter values. At the very end I add just a little black line but not too much… too much black will kill the picture. I merge all the layers together, then create a green layer underneath the art. I erase everything I dont want on the art. As I do this, the green layer underneath helps me to see what I am doing. My image is cut out and now I need a background. I type into Google “blue sky” and find some clouds which I drop into the background. I add just a bit of glow around my figure to separate him from the background and I’m done.

5 Comments on “Flying The Coop

  1. I love seeing your process, how you pick your colors and high-lights, backgounds, etc. Just fascinating. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Both are classic DJ images. The blue bird has a ton of page time in your Bible illustrations, and the pilot turned up on a hockey jersey along time ago. Great ideas just get better with time.

    • Jeff, I didn’t even see that. I was just drawing a character with a bucket mouth and a bushy mustache, but you are exactly right. The little fellow riding the bird is exactly the little fellow we had on the Rangers hockey jerseys way back when! ha!

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