Cowboy In Some Really Snappy Chaps

I was telling my wife the other day I apparently need some new inspiration because when I’m at a loss for something to draw I always seem to come up with (a) a character with a sword (b) a cowboy, or (c) an animal in a snazzy outfit… which pretty much explains this cowboy.

4 Comments on “Cowboy In Some Really Snappy Chaps

  1. I always love all your work, it always makes me smile…would love to see some bikers and their motorcycles lol…
    keep up the great work it is very inspirational!

  2. Dennis, I don’t often leave a reply but I echo Deb and Alan above, especially the use of “always”. That one of Joshua with the beautiful wall casting shadows on the sloping lawn was gorgeous work. Hey I know you love lettering. Check out the calligrapher Denis Brown from Dublin…

  3. I love to draw also and love your work.I have the same problem,drawers block. I end up running out of things to draw.I have drawn your character style btw and see what you do and try to get ideas from you.
    Keep on keep’n on bro, God Bless in YESHUA to you and ALL ya’ll.

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